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1+1=3 – About ‘Doing We’ in psychotherapeutic sessions with Michael B. Buchholz - 23 Apri 2021 h.10-12.30

Webinar by Michael B. Buchholz, April 23, 2021 10.00-12.30
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Abstract: Many psychotherapists conceptualize their doing in terms of “intervention” and “outcome”. This is not false but it frames our doing in technical terms which overlook another highly relevant dimension: “Doing we”. Psychoanalysts have felt this “doing we” in terms of “triad” or establishing the “field”. These valuable concepts address and touch the heart of psychotherapy and psychotherapists. They sharpen our senses. How can we “see” that a triadic structure is generated in a two-person conversation?

Two answer questions of that kind I want to present some of my own sessions transcribed for a conversation analytic study and I hope to show how “interaction” steps forward to “sequentiality” and then how therapeutic conversation manages to achieve higher levels of “organization”. An important concept I will allude to is “recursion”; putting stone to stone, doing the same many times – and suddenly you come to see how a building-to-live-in emerges. There are dyadic relationships for whom the  equation holds “1+1=3”.


Michael B. Buchholz, Senior Research Fellow 2018, Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Freiburg, Freiburg (GERMANY),

Silvia Salcuni, psychologist. Department of Developmental and Social Psychology, University of Padua, Padua, Italy.



10.00-10.15 - Vittorio Lingiardi (president  of  SPR-IAG)

10.15–12.00 - Keynote: Michael B. Buchholz

                       Chair: Silvia Salcuni

12.00-12.30 - Conclusions




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